Thursday, December 6, 2012

Helpful Tips for a Single Girl

When you fall into relationships, things begin to shift.  You stay in more, drink less, see more movies than you did all year, etc...  Some professionals call this nesting.  All perfectly normal, and good...while you are the one doing it.  In the world of single girls, we tend to look at our friend that is "nesting" as "one of those girls."  The one that doesn't call you unless she is single.  At least that is your perception at the time.  Over time we have all become this girl.  You adapt his likes and dislikes because that's what we are taught to do so that he will really, really like you. 

At this point, anyone could agree with the term "professional dater" when referring to me. (Keep in mind I didn't say successful)

As a professional, I am here are some helpful tips for all of those new daters on what you should and shouldn't bend on:

Should:  He wants to go see the new action packed, blood infested, terrible acted movie the same weekend that the Notebook 2 opens.  (All he's going to do is annoy you with constant banter while Ryan Gosling is trying to chop kindling...shirtless...)

Shouldn't:  He wants to take you to the outskirts of town to a theatre in which you don't recognize any of the titles and it doesn't have any windows.

Should:  He wants to take you to downtown to see the new local band play. (Hey, they sell booze there...)

Shouldn't:  He wants to do an overnight camping weekend to see some lame cover band in the cold and rain.  (That's a guys go to the spa while he's out there roughing it.  Let's face it, all we are going to do is complain anyways)

Shouldn't: Think its OK to always cook him dinner and never get a thanks or an offer to wash the dishes. (Even if you are going to re-wash the dishes after he leaves...)

Should:  Think its sweet when he wants to cook you dinner from scratch.  (Even if you see the Hamburger Helper box in the trash)

Being a single girl isn't easy.  If only someone wiser than me had given me these tools...Who am I kidding?  I would have made all these mistakes anyways, but would have appreciated the warnings!

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